My experience at Oficina do Saber-5th grade!!

At Oficina Do Saber I had the best moments of my life. Sometimes  I cried, but 5 minutes later I was laughing again.




Written by Geovana Marinho.

Oficina do Saber was my  first school, and now in 5º grade I need to leave the school. I am going to miss my friends, my teachers and the staff.

Written by Yasmin Tomimatsu.

My experience at Oficina do Saber was so lovely. They received me so well! I entered here when I was a baby. I love this school because it is so perfect!

Written by Valentina Machado.

My experience at Oficina do Saber was very cool and fun!

Written by Yasmin Dantas.

Everybody was so good in receiving me at school, I love Oficina do Saber!!

Written by Miguel Morais.

My experience at Oficina do Saber  was very good. I will miss my teachers and my friends very much.!

I want to thank all mw teachers.

Written by Isadora Lucianete

Tia Angélica heiped me very much and Tia Cristiane too it´ s a school very nice and it taught me many  things!

Written by Iago Pinheiro.              

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  • Yasmin D.

    Amei!!! 🤩

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